We believe in total transparency regarding our international matchmaking and coaching services pricing. We want our clients to feel fully informed about the costs involved, so they can decide to work with us on this important stage of their life.
Our packages include unlimited support because we understand how important it is to provide our clients with fast and dedicated assistance. We are committed to being there for you every step of the way, whether you need coaching, have a question or concern or just need someone to talk to.
We believe that building a solid and lasting relationship with our clients requires honesty, openness, and exceptional customer service. That’s why we offer comprehensive packages that include everything you need to find your perfect match, from one-on-one coaching, personalized consultations and feedback, and ongoing unlimited support for our couples.
If you have any questions about our pricing or packages, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We are always happy to provide you with the information you need to make an informed decision about your matchmaking journey.

6 Match Package

6 Month Term
$ 3800
  • 6 Matches
  • Essential Coaching
  • 6 Months Access to Ascend
  • Feedback after dates
  • Zoom Virtual Parties

12 Match Package

12 Month Term
$ 6800
  • 12 Matches
  • Essential Coaching
  • 12 Months Access to Ascend
  • Feedback after dates
  • Zoom Virtual Parties

Unlimited Match Package

24 Month Term
$ 12800
  • Unlimited
  • Advanced Coaching
  • 24 Months Access to Ascend
  • Feedback after dates
  • Zoom Virtual Parties


Embarking on the path of finding meaningful and lasting connections is a journey worth investing in. At Heart Rocket, we are committed to not only helping you find the perfect match but also ensuring you have the confidence and support needed to nurture a blossoming relationship. Our additional support service is tailored to enhance your matchmaking experience and elevate your love journey to new heights.

24 Month Term: We’re in this journey for the long haul, dedicated to assisting you in every step of your love story. With a 24-month commitment, we stand by your side, providing ongoing guidance and support.

One on One Coaching: Our experienced coaches are here to empower you with the tools and mindset necessary to boost your confidence and thrive in the dating world. Through personalized coaching sessions, we’ll help you unlock your potential for meaningful connections.

Stylist Consultation: First impressions matter, and we want you to shine on every date. Our stylist consultation ensures you present yourself in the best possible light, reflecting your unique personality and style.

Relationship Support: Navigating the complexities of a relationship is easier with a trusted partner by your side. Our relationship support offers guidance and advice to help you nurture and sustain a strong, fulfilling connection.

Travel Assistance and Date Planning in Europe: For those exploring romantic connections across Europe, we’re here to make your journey seamless. We provide travel assistance, helping you plan your trip and arrange memorable dates that align with your preferences and aspirations.

VIP Support

24 Month Term
$ 2000
  • 24 Month Term
  • One on One coaching
  • Stylist Consultation
  • Relationship Support
  • Travel assistance

LeveL Up Coaching

Personalized Coaching: Our experienced coaches provide one-on-one sessions tailored to your unique concerns, empowering you with the knowledge and confidence needed to navigate the world of dating in Ukraine effectively.

Mock Dates Practice: Gain valuable experience and refine your dating skills through simulated dates with Ukrainian women. These sessions help you familiarize yourself with cultural expectations and etiquettes in a supportive setting.

Feedback and Improvement: After each mock date, we offer constructive feedback and actionable insights to help you recognize your strengths and areas for growth. Our aim is to guide you in refining your communication, understanding cultural subtleties, and ultimately becoming a more confident dater.

Task-Oriented Learning: Throughout the coaching journey, we assign tasks and challenges designed to reinforce the skills acquired during coaching. These tasks encourage practical application and provide opportunities for continuous growth, ensuring you are well-prepared for real-life dating situations.

Level Up Coaching

Build confidence and level up your dating skills
$ 2500
  • One on One Coaching
  • Mock Dates with Ukrainian Women
  • Feed back and coaching
  • Feedback after dates
  • 6 Months Access to Ascend