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The dangers of your Youtube dating advice



In recent years, dating advice on YouTube has become increasingly popular, with creators offering tips and tricks to help people find love. However, while some of this advice may be useful, it’s important to know the dangers of following generic dating advice from influencers online.

Because we run a Ukraine matchmaking and dating agency, we have the pleasure of speaking to a variety of individuals seeking advice on dating and relationships. However, providing generic advice that applies to all ages and situations is not as easy as it seems. Recently, we discussed in a video the challenges we face in offering helpful dating advice to the diverse range of individuals who follow our YouTube channel.

On our channel, we have subscribers ranging from 20-year-olds to 60-year-olds and even some in their 70s. Our matchmaking agency provides us with firsthand experiences of individuals of all different ages, backgrounds, values, and goals. However, it’s difficult to give generic advice that caters to everyone, given the unique situations of each individual.

For instance, we had two clients with similar ages, but very different circumstances. One had lost his Russian wife and he still lived in Russia, while the other from the USA had children through surrogacy and wanted to find a wife. It’s challenging to offer advice that covers both situations.

I must admit that our advice often stems from my personal experience and journey, which may not necessarily apply to others. It’s crucial to acknowledge that everyone is different, with varied personalities, experiences, expectations, and goals. Although the advice provided on YouTube channels may not be necessarily bad, it may not be tailored to the unique situation of each individual.

Watching YouTube channels related to dating and relationships can be helpful, but the advice provided may be generic and targeted to a specific age group. Although I have been following various channels for a while, I’ve observed that most of the advice is usually tailored towards guys in their 20s, 30s, and early 40s. It’s essential to recognize that advice that applies to a certain age group may not be applicable to others.

Therefore, as someone who has experience in the dating and matchmaking industry, I encourage individuals to approach dating advice with caution. Seeking advice from a professional Ukrainian Matchmaker who can evaluate your unique situation and offer tailored advice may be more beneficial in achieving your relationship goals.