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Finding Love

In 2024 Is Harder Than Ever Before

But what if we told you there was an easy way to create a loving and meaningful relationship with a beautiful & sincere woman WITHOUT using frustrating dating apps or websites.

And instead we do the hard part for you…

Heart Rocket International Matchmakers

Stryker Joyce

Co-Founder Heart Rocket

Heart Rocket International Matchmakers

Luba Seleznova

Co-Founder Heart Rocket

We match Western Men with women from Eastern Europe

Heart Rocket International Matchmakers

We are Stryker Joyce from New Zealand and Luba Seleznova from Ukraine, bringing together over 18 years of combined experience in matchmaking and coaching single men like yourself. Our expertise helps transform lives, guiding men from loneliness to fulfilling, intimate relationships with women they once only dreamed of.

Our mission is simple: We help Western men meet, connect, and form meaningful, loving, and intimate relationships with women from Eastern Europe.

We provide coaching and guidance every step of the way, ensuring that you embark on this matchmaking journey with success in your new relationship.

Dating in the West has become frustrating, confusing and too difficult

Whether you’re 29 or 59, navigating modern dating in the Western world is more challenging than ever before. 

Western society has gone through significant changes in dating norms, largely influenced by feminism. This has left many hard-
working, motivated, and intelligent individuals like yourself uncertain about their roles in dating and relationships, and even how to go about finding a meaningful connection.

A busy work schedule and a world of digital-only connections can make matters even more complicated, leaving little time for socializing and building genuine connections.

While dating apps and social media might seem convenient, they often lead to superficial encounters or no encounters at all, leaving you feeling disconnected, alone, and demotivated.

But here’s the good news: you’re not alone in facing these difficulties. Many men with your qualities are dealing with the same challenges. We understand the unique issues of modern Western dating, and we’re here to open up a whole new world of dating options for you.

Heart Rocket International Matchmakers

But Why Women from Eastern Europe?

Western society has pressured Western women to prioritize careers over families, leading to the abandonment of traditional masculine and feminine roles in relationships.

The types of loving relationships our grandparents once had are now a thing of the past, and they are not coming back. Men have lost sight of the true meaning of being a man, which is to lead, guide, and protect their wives and families.

Fortunately, for Western men, this issue is only in Western culture. Other cultures, such as Eastern Europe, take pride in men embracing their traditional roles as leaders, protectors, and providers for their
loved ones. In contrast, Women also embrace their beauty and feminity. In these cultures, it’s not merely a desire but a necessity for building a strong, loving relationship.

Heart Rocket International Matchmakers


We do much more than just create couples!

Heart Rocket International Matchmakers

Our job is to guide you every step of the way.

We understand that the process may seem daunting, which is why we personally work with hard-working, motivated, and intelligent individuals like you one-on-one to ensure your success, not only in matchmaking and guidance but also in nurturing your new relationships.

We offer in-depth coaching for our clients and have developed an online learning platform called “Ascend.” Through Ascend, you’ll find courses and weekly videos designed to help you become the kind of man Slavic women dream of.

It’s not just about matchmaking; Heart Rocket is a journey of self- discovery that empowers you to become more confident in leading a relationship with a beautiful woman who will adore and desire you.

The hard part of finding a beautiful sincere woman is done by us.

The hardest part about dating is done by us. Our matchmaking services allow you to escape the frustration of regular dating.

The basis of every interaction with our female clients is one of romance.

You do not need to try to guess if she is interested, and you will never be left sitting alone after being ghosted.

You do not need to try to understand what she is looking for.

You do not need to go on pointless date after date.

Your first introductions to potential partners will be done over Zoom in the comfort of your own house.

The women you will meet are genuinely interested in meeting you, and you already have a strong attraction for each other.

We do the hard part of searching, leaving you with real meaningful interactions that will lead to a real relationship.

Maybe you just lack confidence

If you’ve ever felt like dating is out of your comfort zone, you’re not alone.

So many men find themselves in the same boat, whether they’re new to dating or re-entering the dating scene after a long relationship.

At Heart Rocket, we offer an optional, unique service called Level Up. This optional six-week program includes coaching, mock dates in a comfortable, relaxed, non-judgmental environment followed up with feedback and advice ensuring you become more confident with ease. We’re proud to say that we’re the only company in the world that offers this type of coaching and can guarantee real dates with women who are genuinely interested in you romantically upon completion.

These experiences will prepare you for those meaningful connections.

Heart Rocket International Matchmakers


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Heart Rocket International Matchmakers
Doug & Elena.
Doug, hailing from Texas, USA, initially sought our services while already engaged with another matchmaker. Feeling dissatisfied and misunderstood by his current matchmaker, he reached out to us seeking advice. Luba assured Doug that if his current arrangement didn’t yield results, we would find his perfect match. Two months later, Doug decided to sign up with us.

Upon joining our program, we delved deep into understanding Doug’s values and preferences. Armed with this insight, we commenced the matchmaking process. Over the course of two weeks, Doug met ten women from Ukraine, with the tenth being Elena.

Initial feedback from both Doug and Elena indicated a mutual feeling of boredom during their interaction. Recognizing their true personalities as outgoing and fun-loving individuals, we attributed this to nerves. To alleviate this, we arranged a follow-up date involving mini-golf, given Doug’s expertise as a golf pro, followed by 10-pin bowling with a bottle of wine. This proved to be the perfect icebreaker, allowing their true selves to shine through, ultimately leading to their falling in love.

By establishing a deep understanding of our clients, we are equipped to navigate the dating processes ectively, maximizing their chances of success. Doug and Elena’s love story culminated in marriage in Texas in 2022, with Lubaproudly serving as the maid of honour, a testament to the meaningful connections we facilitate.
Vaughn & Elena.
Vaughn’s journey with Heart Rocket began when he reached out to us in search of a life partner who shared his values and aspirations. Never married previously, he wanted to ensure he made the right choice. After meeting several women through our matchmaking services, Vaughn met Elena. The connection with Elena was immediate and strong.

Today, Vaughn and Elena are happily married, a testament to the ectiveness of Heart Rocket’s matchmaking expertise and ability to connect with clients. Vaughn proposed to Elena on New Year’s Eve 2021/2022. He returned back to Ukraine to celebrate Valentine’s Day together on February 14th. However, shortly after, the conflict erupted, and they found themselves caught in the turmoil. They bravely endured the chaos together, staying in Dnipro until they made the courageous decision to escape where they headed to Mexico and crossed the border in the United States.

Their journey, marked by love, resilience, and adventure, serves as an inspiration for others seeking genuine connections and navigating the unpredictable twists of fate. Vaughn and Elena even initiated an Instagram page, chronicling the odyssey of a Western man and a Ukrainian woman as they embarked on their new life together. Through their shared experiences, they aim to inspire others, encouraging them to pursue similar paths of love and adventure.
Heart Rocket International Matchmakers
Heart Rocket International Matchmakers

John & Maria
John, from the USA, sought out our matchmaking services to embark on a new chapter in his life after his previous marriage to a Western woman ended in divorce. John had already achieved a high level of successful throughout his career, but he knew something was missing. Throughout his journey with us, John experienced a whirlwind of emotions, many and downs, but we were was dedicated to guiding him through the matchmaking process.

Despite moments of him having doubt, John persevered with our coaching and guidance. Just four days later, we introduced him to Maria, a beautiful woman from Ukraine who would soon become his future wife. Their initial meeting blossomed into an amazing connection. The language aspect added an interesting twist for us. Despite Larissa not speaking English, both John and she communicated flawlessly in Spanish, allowing them to communicate without any issues.

John’s experience is an incredible example of perseverance and openness to learn.

John & Olga
John, from the UK, accidentally stumbled upon our services online, sparking his curiosity and leading him to consult with us. As the owner of his own construction company, he dedicated long hours to his work in a predominantly male industry, leaving him with few chances to connect with potential partners. At a pivotal moment in his life, John desired to start a family but sought a partner who shared his values and life goals.

Throughout his journey with us, John met 11 women, many of whom showed promise as potential partners. After meeting several in person, he discovered the strongest connection with Olga.

We continued to coach John through the initial stages of their relationship, ensuring that their bond grew stronger with each passing day. Their relationship has flourished, and we extend our heartfelt wishes to John and Olga for a bright and happy future together as they embark on this new chapter as a family.
Heart Rocket International Matchmakers
Heart Rocket International Matchmakers
Chris & Anna
Chris quickly earned a reputation as one of the easiest clients we’ve ever matched. Dissatisfied and unmotivated by his

dating options in the USA, he expanded his search globally, eventually discovering our services. After our initial consultation, we were thrilled to commence the search for his potential matches and future life partner. Among these candidates was Anna from Ukraine. Prior to her, Chris had only interacted with three of our other female clients through Zoom dates we had arranged.

Although all the dates went smoothly, it was evident that Chris and Larissa shared a unique and special connection from the moment they saw each other. They continued to communicate for several weeks after their initial call, until Chris made the decision to visit Larissa in Poland, where she was residing at the time.

Throughout their courtship, we never had to intervene in any issues; the connection and understanding they shared were impeccable. After two visits to Poland over four months, they applied for Larissa’s visa to come to the USA, providing them with a clearer picture of their future life together. Fast forward eighteen months later, and they are happily living together in the USA, with plans to marry and start a family. We extend our heartfelt wishes to them for many years of joy and happiness together.
Seth & Larissa
Seth initially reached out to us with the desire to explore the possibility of meeting a woman from Ukraine. After booking an initial consultation, we were immediately struck by his vibrant personality and zest for life. Recognizing his potential for connection, we invited him to one of our monthly singles parties held over Zoom.

It was during this event that Seth and Larissa first laid eyes on each other. Sensing a spark between them, Luba, our matchmaker, orchestrated their interaction during the party. Larissa, originally from Ukraine but residing only an 8-hour drive away in the USA, shared a mutual interest with Seth.

Following the Zoom party, we facilitated a private Zoom call between Seth and Larissa. The chemistry between them was tangible, leading to an in-person meeting within a week, igniting the beginning of their relationship.
While navigating the initial stages, there were some misunderstandings, but our close monitoring allowed us to intervene early and guide them through these challenges, and bringing them closer other with a new understanding of each other needs.

Today, Seth and Larissa are happily living together in the USA, with plans for a wedding and starting a family in the very  near future. We extend our heartfelt wishes to them for a lifetime of love and happiness together.
Heart Rocket International Matchmakers
Heart Rocket International Matchmakers
George & Elena
Working with George was an absolute pleasure; his charming personality made him stand out among the women he met. He had the opportunity to meet 12 women from Ukraine, and each one was captivated by him after just one date.

However, it was during these encounters that he met Elena, and the connection between them was immediate.

Despite Elena’s initial struggles with English, she was determined to improve her language skills to communicate actively with George. Over the next few months, she diligently worked on her learning English and made incredible progress.

Their relationship blossomed, and on his third trip to visit her, George proposed. Six months later, they are happily married and residing in the USA. Georges’s journey, which began with a setback, has transformed into a beautiful love story that we are incredibly proud of.

Kevin & Elena
Kevin’s journey began way back 2016 with an unexpected encounter in Ukraine, where he met Luba. Upon learning about Luba’s profession as a matchmaker, Kevin admired her dedication to helping couples meet and fall in love. Although they didn’t work together at the time, Kevin believed Luba could help him find love. Unfortunately, they lost touch soon after.

In 2020, fate intervened when Kevin stumbled upon a video featuring Luba on our YouTube channel discussing cultural differences. Recognizing her immediately, Kevin reached out to us, and we began working with him the following month.

Kevin was introduced to eight women, all from Ukraine, but he formed strong connections with two of them. Torn between his options, we provided guidance as Kevin carefully evaluated the women to determine who would best complement his recently retired lifestyle.

Ultimately, Kevin knew that Elena was the woman he wanted to spend his life with. Initially, Elena moved to the USA, but now they reside in a charming town in the south of Italy, where they enjoy sipping wine and embracing the joys of life together.

Kevin’s story is a perfect mix of lucky meetings, strong determination, and the joy of taking chances, resulting in a love story that’s truly remarkable.

Heart Rocket International Matchmakers
Heart Rocket International Matchmakers
Dan & Kate
Dan from the USA embarked on his journey at the most challenging time imaginable. After first being introduced to Kate and feeling an instant connection, they eagerly made plans to meet in person. However, their plans were disrupted by the outbreak of COVID-19, making in-person meetings much more complicated. Despite the setbacks, they remained determined to meet face-to-face.

Eventually, they were able to arrange a meeting for the first time in Mexico. However, disaster struck when immigration denied Kate entry, forcing her to return to Ukraine. Undeterred, they made new plans to meet in Dominican Republic, where Kate successfully made it through immigration, and they finally got to spend time together.

Their relationship blossomed in The Dominican, and they made the decision to live together there until they could make plans to return to the USA. Now 1 year later, they are happily married living in USA

Some journeys can be more difficult than others, but the tests along the way, when overcome, can build a stronger foundation for the future of the relationship.


What we offer here at Heart Rocket is life-changing. We have helped hundreds of men and women meet and fall in love. We receive countless stories and are constantly bombarded with photos of our couples together, enjoying life, celebrating weddings, and sharing baby photos. And we absolutely love it.

If you feel like life is passing you by, and the years are getting shorter and shorter, and you know and feel there is something or someone out there for you, remember there are also women on the other side waiting for someone like you.

No matter what your age if you are ready to take your life to the next level, and meet the woman of your dreams, we invite you to talk to us.

Use the link below to book a no-obligation, totally free call.

Heart Rocket International Matchmakers


Heart Rocket International Matchmakers


If you answer no to any of these, then you are not ready to start this journey. International matchmaking requires a serious commitment of time and money. We only work with Western men and Eastern European women looking for genuine, long-term relationships—not just casual flings. If you are ready to learn more about our services and if we can help you, then use the link below to book a no-cost, no-obligation call with us.



For all this week we are offering no obligation, no cost consultation call. (Normally $100) On this call you can ask any questions you may have and we can get to know you and understand your goals. We can then offer the best advice for you as an individual. By the end of this call you will have a very clear understanding of what we do and how we do it and if it is right for you.

The call is free as long as it is booked within this week using the button below.


Our mission is to help Western men to meet and form meaningful, long-lasting relationships with Ukrainian women. We accomplish this by providing coaching and matchmaking services that help men to understand and connect with Ukrainian women.